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A History

Existing services generally fall within one of two categories:

Recipe AggregatorsMeal Kits
These services provide a collection of recipes that users can browse and search. Users are expected to find the recipes they want to cook themselves. Some services such as Yummly have integrated personalized search recommendations to make finding recipes easier, yet require users to manually build out their meal plans.These services provide pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for users to cook. Users select from pre-determined plans (such as Meat & Veggies) and are sent a box of pre-portioned ingredients with their associated recipe each week. Minor customization is possible, but users are locked into a limited number of recipes. These services can become quite expensive and often require users to commit to a subscription.

Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses. Recipe aggregators are free and allow users to cook whatever they want, but require users to do all the work of finding recipes and building out meal plans. Meal kits are convenient and allow users to cook without having to think about it, but are expensive and require users to commit to a subscription. This project combines the best of both worlds: providing a cheap, personalized, and low-effort meal planning service.